Unit Standard 2: 6612





The second unit standard you will be working on is unit 6612, Identify plants, grasses, and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses, and describe methods of removal.

You can download the unit standard here.This unit standard is at level three, and is worth three credits. There are Two assignments required to achieve this unit standard.

The reading and study for these assignments are primarily self-directed. You are expected to use the library and the internet to learn as much information as you can on each plant and tree listed in Assignment One. You will get better results if you search on the name of each plant/tree or poison rather than just "poisonous plants".


Reading One: A guide to plants which are poisonous to horses and livestock (Note this is an American resource, but many plants are also relevant to New Zealand).
Reading Two: Ryegrass Staggers
Reading Three: Feeding Linseed

You are expected to use your own knowledge to answer the questions, to look for answers online, and to ask experienced adults whom you may know.

You can download your assignment and print it out if you wish. Your assignment may be handwritten or done on the computer according to your own preference or your school's recommendation.

6612 Assignment One
6612 Assignment Two

Once you are finished your assignments, you can hand them in at Kyrewood, mail them to Kyrewood Equestrian Centre, 108 Oroua Road, RD 5, Palmerston North, scan and email them to Kyrewood, or hand them in to your Gateway teacher according to the instructions your school has given you.

If you need to ask for help with a question, please ask your coach at Kyrewood, or email us on info@kyrewood.co.nz. Address your question to Rachel. Alternately, you may come to our Facebook Page and send us a facebook message. We will be happy to help!