Preliminary Coaching (Level 3)

This 30-week course, which is likely to be offered in 2014, replaces the expired Community Coach qualification. It is ideal for students with some experience riding and handling horses and who have an interest in teaching. No previous teaching experience is necessary.

Topics include horse handling and grooming, turnout, saddlery, riding, lunging, stabling, equine health and feeding, jumping and teaching. Kyrewood has a range of horses and ponies available for use by students and regular outside clients, thus giving the Preliminary Coaching students the unique opportunity to gain the necessary teaching experience in a hands-on situation.

It is preferred but not compulsory that prospective students' riding should be at a level approaching Level 1 Dressage and jumping to 80-90cm.

On completion of this course, the graduating student will be well prepared for a job as an instructor at a riding school or trekking centre. It is a qualification that can lead to numerous job opportunities both in New Zealand and overseas.

The Preliminary Coaching course can also be available through part-correspondence, but this is only for those experienced coaches who are already working within the industry. Attendance at Kyrewood Equestrian Centre is necessary for assessment of some of the practical units. Special acceptance criteria will apply.

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