Kyrewood Pony Club

Kyrewood Equestrian Centre was the first "Pony Club Centre Member" to be established in New Zealand, offering full Mounted and Unmounted Rallies and Pony Club Badges and Certificates for children and young people who do not have their own ponies.

Rallies are led by our qualified team of experienced instructors.

You are eligible to join the Kyrewood Pony Club if you meet the following criteria:

  • Under 25 Years of age
  • You do not own your own horse or pony and wish to join Pony Club  OR
  • You have your own horse/pony but do not have access to transport to join a local Pony Club branch
  • If you are over 25 years you can still join as an Adult Member

Membership Rates 

  • 1st Year of Membership - $120 (Includes a Kyrewood Pony Club Polo Shirt), $90 for subsequent years joined. This also includes any Un-Mounted Rallies.
  • Adult Members - ask about the Adult Rider's Club
  • Horse/Pony Hire - $50 Per Mounted Rally (Or a card click if you are a Kyrewood Lesson Concession Card Holder)

If you wish to join the Kyrewood Pony Club, please contact us for availability.

Kyrewood Pony Club Rallies are held on the third Wednesday of the month from 3.45 - 5.45pm.

For MOUNTED rallies (that is, there is riding), if you are using a Kyrewood pony for your rally, the cost is $50 or a card click.

If it is very wet, Mounted rallies will still be on but will be UNMOUNTED. There is no cost to members for an unmounted rally. You will earn lots about horses and ponies and earn a badge or achievement certificate.


Please note that there will not be a rally in September.  We will be starting again in October with our first RIDDEN rally.


The 2017 Kyrewood Pony Club Overnight Camp will be held on 20 & 21 December 2017.  This camp is open to all Kyrewood Pony Club Members and Members of Manawatu and Rangitikei Pony Clubs.  Please follow our "Event" on Facebook to keep up with details.